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Bonuses at Tipico Casino

Tipico Casino offers on-line sports bets like you have never seen before, for any kind of sport: basketball, ice hockey, tennis, football for any league and division or the 2016 European Championship. In addition, players enjoy any casino game: Roulette, Black Jack, Hold’em, slot machines and other 50 games.

The bonus system is organized in two groups: Bonus and Combi Bonus.


  • The casino offers a 100% bonus for the first deposit, for a minimum deposit of 10,00 € and maximum of 100,00 €. The bonus is available only for residents of Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. In Belgium the bonus is available only with Bank transfers, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill and Sofortüberweisung. In all the other countries, the first deposit bonus is available with all payment methods.
  • The initial deposit and its bonus have to be turned around 3 times on any bet before the withdrawal.
  • The bonus is available just once for a user account and an IP address. If one customer makes several accounts, Tipico Casino could cancel the bonus and the winnings.
  • The minimum odds for games betting are 2.0.
  • Tipico bonus refers exclusively to amateur players. Professional players and player syndicates or communities will not be granted a bonus.

Combi Bonus

  • Combi Bonus refers to combined bets and it can add up to 25% to the winnings of a customer, depending on the bet combination length.
  • The bonus will not be granted if a part of a bet combination has been cashed out.
  • 5% bonus is offered for a bet combination with 5 to 9 bets.
  • 10% bonus is offered for a bet combination with 10 to 14 bets.
  • 15% bonus is offered for a bet combination with 15 to 19 bets.
  • 20% bonus is offered for a bet combination with 20 to 24 bets.
  • 25% bonus is offered for a bet combination with 25 or more bets.
Tipico Casino:
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